Apartment Moves

Regardless of the size apartment moves can be as any other type of household move.  There are building rules, tight spaces, elevators, and parking challenges. We are well versed with how to make your apartment move as smooth as possible.  All of our pre-move and post-move services may come in handy when moving into or out of an apartment.  Going to some place smaller or have you accumulated items you are just not ready to get rid of?  Let us help you put it in storage - we can then move it to your new place at any time.

We will move you in and out of all types of dwellings including apartments, dormitories, multi-unit -houses, apartment complexes, and high-rise buildings. We work with landlords, maintenance, and  -property management companies to make your move as smooth and worry-free as possible.   

Can't remember how you got that couch or other large piece of furniture into the building?  No problem, we specialize in large item moves.

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